Now making Exotic Hardwood Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are made from closed grain domestic and exotic hardwoods. Each board is hand-made with the highest quality materials. All adhesives and finishing mineral oils are FDA approved for food preparation. If you wish to have a custom board made, please contact me at:

Smartphone & Tablet Stands

Handmade multi-layered wood iPhone/iPad/Smartphone stands. Allows you to hands-free view content on your Smartphone/Tablet. You can video conference at your desk, in your kitchen or outside on the patio table. Custom made from Pine, Cedar & Redwood. We offer two different stunning designs and two different sizes for your needs. Both sizes will support both iPhones/Smartphones & iPads/Tablets. If you have a larger Tablet (i.e - iPad Pro or Surface Pro) you may want to consider the larger size for more support. Finished with sanded smooth edges and a light coat of all-natural mineral oil. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Local pick-up available.

Hand-made out of

repurposed wood

Please note that if you have a protective case on your smartphone you may need a larger opening in the stand to fit the phone properly. On average an OtterBox case requires the opening to be .607/inch wide. Please include this request in your order.

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